Digital Twin creation from 2D and 3D drawings

In this project, we are developing a cloud service that, through automated processing of building drawings in 2D and 3D, makes it possible to create digital twins for construction projects, and an app for viewing content in 2D and 3D in Augmented Reality. The project has received the “Innovativa Startups Steg 2” grant from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. 

During our on-site trials in earlier stages, we gained valuable insights about the biggest challenges with 2D drawings during the production stage:

Each operator is responsible for providing the correct documentation, today this is manually checked for each new information delivery; which is a time-consuming, monotonous work with a high risk of error.

During the production, late changes are often made which must be taken into account in the final documentation of the project, something that is not always done in practice.

Drawings are normally updated on a weekly basis, but there is always a real risk that work is performed based on old data.

We think all of the shortcomings above can be solved with an automated tool that extracts and validates information from digital drawings in both
2D and 3D, converts them into a coherent building model, while ensuring that changes in the production stage are properly versioned and approved before final delivery. 

With the as-built model continuously updated to reflect the final result, preparing the hand over documentation can be done quickly and accurately.
Screenshot from the iPad version of the app. Also available for HoloLens and HoloLens 2/Trimble XR10



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