Augmented Reality ON THE WORK SITE

Bringing 3D Insight Onsite

See all of your 3D content on site – aligned to the real world. View all the information stored in the CAD/BIM model simply by tapping on an object.


Make use of the 3D content in your project, just add your schedules and surveying data.


Share information and work together. Never use personal cloud storage again.


Get insights from your 3D information where you need it, when you need it

project highlight


Together with Skanska, Information Experience conducted a pilot project that tested 3D BIM in the work environment. The project used both HoloLens and tablets in a mixed reality viewer application.

We wanted to test HoloLens to provide workers and foremen on the concrete team with a clear understanding of the project. Combined with traditional drawings and 3D models for viewing in a computer, this creates a shared understanding of the precision required, reducing mistakes in production and planning.
Edvin Berg
Production engineer, Skanska

selected clients AND PARTNERS

Augmented reality, COClass and LOD

CoClass Odenplan

Together with the Swedish organization Svensk Byggtjänst, Information Experience conducted a study of working with “metadata” in urban environments. The project used HoloLens to connect actual objects to CoClass and 3d objects. 

planning, Manufacturing

augmented Reality in prefabrication of concrete elements.

Information Experience, together with StruSoft, conducts a study on at the manufacturing plant of SCF Betongelement, to investigate how manufacturers of concrete elements can benefit from holographic technology. The aim of the study is to develop an application that will enable the operator to control its elements digitally and three-dimensionally before casting. 

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