3D insight



With holographic technology and tablets we bring your 3D data out to the construction site.

3D in your



Being able to use 3D in your production brings a broad range of new opportunities. But how can 3D help in your particular production environment? We are curious about that. Let's find out together.

Major changes are currently underway on construction sites around the world. The construction site of the future, like other production sites, will increasingly become connected. Information Experience contributes actively to the change by developing software that makes the connected workplace possible in a completely new way, thanks to the innovative use of BIM in combination with holographic technology.

3D Insight Onsite

We bring 3D Insight Onsite by developing and providing applications that use 'augmented' and 'mixed reality' via headsets and handheld devices. Information Experience can help ensure that digital 3D BIM models can be used at all stages from planning to production and maintenance. Connecting everyone on a site to 3D and BIM fundamentally changes how the client and the performer can collaborate and work in projects.

Right information in the right place at the right time

By providing relevant information in the right place at the right time using our applications, the digital dimension can reach all the way out to the first line worker. With IX in-depth knowledge of the flow of information in building and construction processes, we can help the client and the contractor to create safer construction sites, achieve better build quality, improve controls and develop accurate and detailed quality documentation.

This is Information Experience

Information Experience is a software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are passionate about getting the relevant data into the workplace to make target images more transparent and fun to work with. We receive many inquiries and we are always on the lookout for new forces that want to be part of building a new augmented workplace.

CEO / Founder

Anders Lundgren

CXO / Chief Experience Officer

Fredrik Johansson




Stockholm is developing at a staggering pace. One of the more spectacular projects right now is the STHLM New area, which Skanska erects next to the Hammarby canal. The project comprises of 7 different buildings folded for Stockholm's many innovation companies. In the center stands one of Stockholm's new landmarks STHLM 01, a 27-story creation signed architect agency Sauerbruch Hutton.


Together with the Swedish organization Svensk Byggtjänst, Information Experience conducted a study of working with "metadata" in urban environments. The project used HoloLens to connect actual objects to CoClass and 3d objects. The test also examined some interaction, for the performance of common maintenance tasks. The digital model was stored in the IX cloud service and was presented to users in IX BIM Viewer.


AR for prefabricated concrete elements

Information Experience, together with StruSoft, conducts a study on how manufacturers of concrete elements can benefit from holographic technology. The aim of the study is to develop an application that will enable the operator to control its elements digitally and three-dimensionally before casting. Pre-cast checks is expected to be both simpler and more accurate with the help of mixed reality..

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