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Major changes are currently underway on construction sites around the world. The construction site of the future, like other production sites, will increasingly become connected. Information Experience contributes actively to the change by developing software that makes the connected workplace possible in a completely new way, thanks to the innovative use of BIM in combination with mixed reality.

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Welcome to a new way of working

Traditional enterprise systems, while useful, rarely attracts much praise for usability, and sometimes you find yourself trying to work around your own systems. 

It doesn't have to be that way. With a modern enterprise information management platform, you can even build your own apps - easily! - on top of the core information layers. 


Use case


From idea to realization - all the information needed in the project should be housed in a secure, accessible environment. This environment is sometimes called a digital twin, but what if it doesn't have to be *one* twin? Just as digital technology in itself is borderless - so should your twin be able to roam freely across any tool you'd like to use.

Read more on how we enable construction projects to use a multi database strategy to keep everything in sync, for everyone.  

About Us

Founded in 2015, we are constantly exploring, and evolving our understanding of information management in this new world. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or just a mobile app? It's up to you. Our semantic database provides a layer that we - or you yourself - can easily build upon. No more locked-in databases that leave you at your providers' will. 

In the following pages, you can read about some of our previous and ongoing projects. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on new events and releases! 

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Semantic models

Our Projects

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Setting your information free from traditional information management systems can appear a daunting task. Structured information, unstructured information, loosely structured information? Can we apply a "master schema" to all information or do we need to design for an open world approach? Let's find out together.

Pre study

The point of a pre study is to explore your current pains and potential gains from switching to a modern information management platform. 

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Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is a minimal implementation that is used to explore if an idea has staying power when brought "into the light". Learnings from a Proof of Concept can be transformed into a specification for a real implementation in a follow up project.

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When a solution is verified, we can support you all the way through implementation. Using migration tools we can automate most of the information transfer and data transformation, while our professional services team keep you and your team up to date with how to use the new apps and tools in your organization.

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We tested Hololens in order for those who will work with the concrete at STHLM New to get a better picture of what is to be done. Combined with drawings and 3D models on computers, this can increase the understanding of the quality demanded and reduce the risk for mistakes in production and planning.

Edvin Berg  Production engineer

We are accustomed to working with information using various classification schemes, but the ability to interact with ' CoClass '-ified objects in augmented reality environment provides new, very exciting opportunities.

Daniel Dahlström Business developer

The biggest benefit of this project is that the quality of the elements can easily be controlled and the risk of errors and scrapped elements due to faults can largely be eliminated. All this at a relatively low cost and less time for checks than with the manual method. 

Peter Karlsson Business Unit Director