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Information Experience Sweden is currently working together with Skanska in a pilot project, using HoloLens Augmented Reality headsets for planning, on site work instructions and audits, in the rebar work at the European Spallation Source (ESS) project in Lund. You can read more about it in the following article at Ny Teknik (in Swedish)

English translation


Information Experience are currently developing a new it-platform, that en
ables construction projects to bring their existing 3D models and project plans on site using Augmented Reality glasses (Microsoft HoloLens). As opposed to existing applications and platforms for augmented reality, where models "float" freely in space, our platform makes it possible to locate and position the 3D models on top of the real world with high precision, and also update information in the model on site, which allow s for new applications in the field, such as the possibility to perform audits and clash control on site.

In this project, which is already under way, we are developing a working prototype to evaluate the combination of hardware, software and processes, in order to get 3D information all the way out on site. The objective is to evaluate the prototype for a specific use case (the preparation, execution and inspection of rebar work), for parts of the rebar work in a construction project, and develop the platform to allow for automation of some parts using QR codes and also prepare the platform and application for use in future projects by packaging them into a standard offering. The same application pattern can be expanded to additional disciplines and tasks in the future.

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