A giant step for digitalization

Imagine being able to participate in a critical moment out on site, without having to leave the office. Or, to be able to control equipment at a hazardous site from a safe location.

Using holoportation gives you a first hand experience in a digital copy of a remote location, interacting with colleagues and connected devices.

Holoporting is one of the most exciting and futuristic visions within digitalization. The vision is now becoming reality, as 3D cameras, ultra fast networks and holographic display technology makes it possible to participate in immersive experiences from both real and digital spaces.

By using Holoportation, the boundaries between the real and the virtual becomes blurred. This changes and radically improves the way we can create new digital services.

Rapid progress in the development of 5g

Together with Ericsson, we harness their groundbreaking 5g technology for new ways of communication and interaction.

Using 5g, we get minimal latency and accurate positioning, which combined ensures an optimal immersive experience.

Holoportation over 5G allows us to bring our real selves into the digital world, without limitations. We can easily look around, use our body language, control equipment and functions using natural gestures. We now can interact in the digital world in a new but familiar and natural fashion.



Music from a distance - Holoporting using 5G

During the autumn of 2018, we participated in one of our most exciting projects around holoportation to date, the HoloBand. Playing together in a band is all about interaction and the synchronization between musicians is vital to the experience. Can we get a band together by holoporting them onto a shared stage from different locations?

Team IX

Information Experience is a software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are passionate about getting the relevant data into the workplace to make target images more transparent and fun to work with.

We receive many inquiries and we are always on the lookout for new forces that want to be part of building a new augmented workplace. Send your CV if you want to join us.

Anders Lundgren


Anders Lundgren



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