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Information Experience is a new company that aims to become a leader in the current transformation of information management tools for enterprises; enhancing the experience of information management in a way that is similar to that of other fields; more mobility, increased ease of use and, maybe foremost, an increased access to information in different ways than before, leveraging new technologies such as Augmented Reality for data capture, visualization and more.

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Information Experience at the VR Sci Fest in Stockholm, May 12-14
At the Information Experience booth, visitors were given the opportunity to try out Microsoft HoloLens. We also showcased a couple of our demos related to current projects. As always, we got
Skanska pilot project
Information Experience Sweden is currently working together with Skanska in a pilot project, using HoloLens Augmented Reality headsets for planning, on site work instructions and audits, ...
A new way to manage information in the field
If you've ever tried to use SharePoint as your corporate store for documents and information, you've no doubt experienced the challenges of accessing content on the go. Information Experienc...

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